Garza Legal Group offers a combination of Estate Planning Devices that could involve a combination of strategies such as  Wills, Revocable Trusts, ILITS, Succession Planning,  Tax-Efficient Strategies, and Legacy Planning for those who want to preserve their hard fought assets. Call us for more information.

Example Packages for Basic Planning

Will Packages:

Complex Will   includes Simple Will, POA, MPOA, Disposition of Personal Property and Final Remains    Single $950    Couple $1250

Complex “Plus” Will all of the above Plus Testamentary Trust  Single  $1250  Couple $1500

Revocable Living Trust Packages:

Simple Revocable Trust  includes simple revocable living trust, pour over will, POA, MPOA, Dispositions of Personal Property and Final Remains (Living Will Option)  Single $2,500 Couple $3,000

Complex Revocable Trust  includes All of the above with complex revocable living trust with wealth protection provisions Single $3,500 Couple $4000

Simple Irrevocable Trust     Single $2,500      Couple $3,000

Complex Irrevocable Trust    Single  $3,500    Couple  $4,000



For More information on Estate Planning and Pricing contact us at 214-373-3300 to set up an initial consultation.